Does a 'Truth or Dare' Kiss Count?

I was at a friends party/sleepover and I'd invited the guy I liked along, he agreed, happily came along and stayed the night. We'd been flirting for ages and he's just so extremely amazing! Eventually quite late at night we all played truth or dare. there were some "I dare you to kiss -----" dares which had been rejected and stuff, but my best friend being the queen that she is dared me to kiss my crush, it was a bit awkward for a second what with 6 other people watching us. but we both agreed and kissed. It was AMAZING. It was only a small kiss but it meant a lot to me and I think it meant the same to him =]

Later he was dared to kiss one of my friends and he came so close to kissing her but ended up just saying "I can't!" shyly which made me feel like it actually did mean something to him too.

Anyway, my question; does this count as a first kiss? It meant a lot to me and still does - but I've heard that kisses that were during truth or dare don't count for some reason?
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Ahh this seems like so long ago! Just skimming through old questions.

Me and this boy have now been dating for 5 months. =)

Just goes to show doesn't it?
Does a 'Truth or Dare' Kiss Count?
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