My friend kissed me by surprise?

On Monday I was talking with my friend who I've know for a few years now and out of nowhere, she put both of her hand on the sides of my head and pulled me in to kiss her. I was caught off guard and didn't know what to do and went along with it. She told me afterwards that she wanted did it as practice for her boyfriend.
Now here's where the problem comes in, someone saw that and practically the whole school knows now, I didn't tell my girlfriend about it cause I didn't know how to, and she found out from someone else. I tried to explain to her over text earlier today (she wasn't at school cause she was celebrating her mom's bday) that I was the one that was kissed, not the one that did the kissing. I think she found out on Tuesday. She also told me that we would talk tomorrow. I can tell she is really upset but I don't know what more to tell her. Please help me. I really don't want to lose her.

Thanks everyone for the advice. But it is now useless. My girlfriend broke it off


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  • Messy. Does the girl that kissed you know about your GF? I would tell your girlfriend exactly what happened and then get this other girl to explain why she did it. Its messed up that she is attached and using you as "practice for her boyfriend"! It takes the biscuit as an excuse. She either likes you or dislikes your girlfriend and clearly doesn't give a rats ass about her boyfriend.

    • Yea. The girl that kissed me knows about my girlfriend.

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    • It's probably the best way what Sadly said.
      I hope everything will turn out fine for you!

    • @ToriGomel Unfortunately not. My ex thought I was just making up excuses by saying I was the victim.

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  • For one, get this girl who did it to you to admit it to your girlfriend. She owes you because your relationship with your girlfriend is on the brink of ruin because of her.
    For two, would you want your girlfriend to practice kissing on other guys before doing it with you? I assume that girl's boyfriend doesn't. Does he know what happened? If not, tell him. He deserves to know that his "girlfriend" is going around and "practicing" on other guys.

    • Her boyfriend goes to a different school

    • Well that's a bummer. I'm not saying you should go out of your way to tell him but picture yourself in his place. Think of how'd you feel if your girlfriend did that.

      Either way, as I said, get that girl to admit what she did and why to your girlfriend. Tell her she has a responsibility to do so otherwise your ruined relationship will be her fault.

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  • That happened to me twice. First time was my second year in college this asshole basketball player/frienemy of mine and a coworker/really good friend a few days ago at a party constantly throughout the night. Each time I froze and was embarrassed kinda lol. Cause it's a WTF just happen moment. But I liked the second time lol, kinda had a thing for him that one for some time anyway.
    But in your situation ummm she likes you I think and used that as an excuse to be spontaneous and I don't think you should have went along with it now that was dumb let's be honest. You need to tell your friend to never step over her boundaries again EVER! She could practice on him that's the point of having a boyfriend anyway. Don't be surprised if your girlfriend starts like weeping as y'all start talking, you better be on your p's and q's after this buddy boy. And the fact that it was just you two yet everyone knows is very fishy... that friend is a sneaky little snake. I'd drop her like hot grits or hoe drawz on a fri/sat night if I were you, she prob has all types of tricks up her sleeves for you. Make sure you stress it to your girlfriend though the entire situation don't cover up anything I mean I don't know you did say you went along with it as well so smh. Lol learn from your mistake kiddo😊good luck.


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  • hate to say it but telling her exactly what happened is prolly all you can do


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