What does it mean when you ask to FaceTime a girl and she says maybe later?

Ok I know this sounds childish but I been friends with this girl for a long time she gets jealous when I talk about other girls but she said she just wanna be friends I asked her to ft she said maybe later does that mean no or should I ask her again


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  • when I say that. ... it's because I'm not camera ready... girls actually aren't as concerned with your looks - as they are way too concerned about what you think of how they look... because men are so open about their attraction to women and we hear it from them so often - it seems that men are super superficial and with no exceptions. .. unless we are interested in waiting around to be the unspoken one night stand that males do sometimes with whom they find unattractive just to get it in. .. girls want a relationship and are super critical of themselves way more so than of their counterpart... that's just how it is and why you see a lot of guys with more attractive women and you wonder how the hell he does it.. he has charm and personality -that actually physically alters a mans appearance for us. ... I'm betting she felt she looked like crab and regardless If she wants a relationship with you - she didn't want you to see her look unattractive


What Guys Said 1

  • she's not comfortable doing it at the moment, or perhaps ever.

    No, don't ask her again.


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