How to deal with guys who blow hot and cold?

Sometimes he flirts with me, says I'm hot and attractive etc and makes jokes about us dating; he looks up random things that we talk about; he gives me his jacket when it's cold, calls me "dear" etc. But it seems he has no serious interest as he doesn't try to progress it forward so I don't know how he feels. I kind of brought this up in a round about way "I hate guys who blow hot and cold", and he said "you don't like guys who {personal attribute about him}"... but before I could say I do he had walked away. I tried to message him and he didn't message me back. On the other hand, he tries to set me up with other guys and match make for me. He also doesn't want to be around me and at times seems annoyed/irritated by me and called me a jerk. I asked him why and was more than willing to apologise if I'd upset him in an unknown way and he wouldn't say, which makes me think he is a jerk. Sometimes he won't look me in the eye when he speaks to me, and doesn't do that to anyone else. So I began mirroring his rude behaviour and now suddenly he's started to be really nice again. What gives?
How to deal with guys who blow hot and cold?
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