Is flirty / sexual banter a normal part of pre-dating and dating for you?

I've just had a unique experience (for me) and I wonder if anyone has experienced something similar. Whenever I'm texting a guy online before meeting and upon meeting, there's usual flirty banter, some sexual innuendos etc. flying around which I love as it makes everything a bit cheeky and exciting. I'm not easy I just enjoy the teasing one another.

I just realised with a guy I went on a date with there was no flirty banter despite my using various double entendres, saying I was going in the shower, in bed etc. which guys always seem to jump on.

We had a good date with chatting etc. but again no flirty banter really.

I had just presumed him not interested and texted him a day after to say thanks and that I had a good time. He replied saying it was good and asked a few questions - sent a longish text.

Now he hasn't been in contact for two days but has been on the dating site. My male friends think he's a player keeping his options open but they thought it odd there was no sexual innuendos or him even try to have sex or push things that way. I can understand him not being attracted to me in person perhaps but we were talking constantly for a week and he found my photos attractive.

Anyone else had anything like this happen?

Is flirty banter and a bit of sexual tension important for you in the pre-dating and dating stages?
Is flirty / sexual banter a normal part of pre-dating and dating for you?
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