He friendzoned me :(?

I'm sooooo into this guy and he messages me all the time, he's really nice to me, I catch him staring at me often, and when we're together everything just feels right I could've sworn he liked me as more than a friend. So I asked him. I asked why he messages me all the time and if it's just because we're friends and he said yes we're just friends. I thought by hinting that I liked him, he would admit he has feelings for me too but when I did he said he likes someone else and not gonna lie I cried a little (lot). What I don't get though is that he's "friends" with other girls and doesn't treat them as well as he treats me. Even his friends tell me they think he likes me so I don't get it. Anyway Im glad Im friends with him and he's a great friend but how do I get out of the friendzone?
He friendzoned me :(?
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