He stopped calling and taking my calls?

we spent 3 amazing weeks together and all the sudden he stopped answering texts and calls and stopped calling me. yesterday he text me asking what was I doing I responded and that was it? could I have chased him off and if so how do I get him to come back lol? I really liked him he's smart and funny and at the very least if he's not interested in a relationship with me id still like to be just friends. I'm a little older than he is so I can handle that situation.

please help me


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  • text him saying that but more subtly. tell him how you havnt spoken in ages and if he wants to meet up. not as a date but just as friends and if he does you can flirt/talk/whatever to get him to like you as more than a friend, if he doesn't then he will tell you he just wants to be friends and you are ok with that then just tell him that's fine.

    • Well I tried to text him ''hey you if your not busy you wanna hang out?'' and no response

    • Confront him on it and ask him if there is a reason that he is not talking to you, just ask him politely if its posible to see him in person or to bump into him ask him then, if not text it through and hope for a reply

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  • You do not say what it is that you did during these 3 amazing weeks? Were you talking a lot, dating or having sex or all of the above? If you were having a sexual deal with him it sounds like he got his full helping of it for now but has you on speed dial for when he is ready again. If you were not having sex or making out, then he's lost interest. If it is the later, I would not respond to any texts and then wait for him to call and if he does, then I would ask him what the deal was and tell him you are okay if he is not that interested you just want to know where things stand.

    • Well we didn't have sex for the first week and a half but were together the whole time slept in same bed and stuff and I knew I probably had sex too soon. but he was irresistable and I couldn't help it anymore. that's probably when I shoulda backed off, but we mostly went out to eat movies and just hung out with freinds and stuff and then he said he'd call after the gym one day and poof he started ignoring me. I don't get it.

    • Just take away a lesson from this. A guy who will be around for the long haul will not start off full-bore like this. You have to start slow and keep it going slow no matter how much you enjoy each other and want to spend time together. Being together this much, though he was actively pursuing it too, makes it feel like a heavy commitment with no room for your own pursuits when it should be light fun dating.