He told me to call then didn't answer?

This guy told me to call him and so I did but he didn't answer. That was yesterday and he never returned my call. Should I call again or just wait? If so, how long?


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  • no, wait for him to call if he really wanted to talk to you he would have answered the 1st so now if he wants to talk to you let him call and if he doesn't then he must not really want to talk...i was in the same situation but I wouldn't call so he ended calling like I said if they really want to talk to you they will call! hope I helped.


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  • Wait for him to call, don't act desperate.

  • wait a day if he doesn't call or contact you by text or whatnot

    then you should call him back

    also call him and if he doesn't answer

    text him and be like or no?

    or leave a message and be like hey you should pick up your phone and call me back! :)

    try it.

    but don't act desperate by calling 7 times

  • if he likes you, he will call you.

    i suggest you see the movie "he's just not that into you" its pretty funny and explains a lot haha

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