Girl asked me if I ever had a girlfriend before and laughed at me, is it over?

Some background, im 23, I have never had a girlfriend or kissed a girl or held a girls hand, no experience whatsoever, I'm in a university summer class and this past week, this girl seemed interested in me, I was nervous but I decided I have to do this so I was able to muster up the courage and ask her out, we went out for lunch and after I brought her back to her place, I honestly thought I did really well and tried my best not to be nervous or Unconfident, I gave this my full 100 and it wasn't easy but I did it, this is where it when downhill, we got to her place and I felt like things were going great, I looked at her and said some things about lunch being great and she responded back agreeing etc with some small talk, she then looks at me and asks me in this sort of humorous tone, "have you ever had a girlfriend before" I honestly felt embarrassed and felt my face getting red, tbh I'm a horrible liar and I figure there's no point in lying so I said the true and she laughed a little, I sort of mumbled and finally said okay, is that okay? And she said yea it's fine but she had this face like she holding back laughter or this look that made me feel embarrassed, she kept it to the door and she told me bye, and that was it, I'm asking this today because I texted her once and she hasn't texted me yet and this happened last week, I'm devasted right now and I had never been so upset after that incident, is it pretty much over, I know women always say that virgins or never having a girlfriend is a turn off but I never realized that it is a big deal in your early 20s, should I text or what do I do, I'm such a loser, I can already see her telling the other girls, oh so and so has never had a girlfriend and them laughing calling me pathetic. I really am devastated after this, and her laughing and giving me these looks when I said that, i tried so hard to overcome my fears and now I just feel like a creep or a failure, is there anything I can do and how can I overcome this,"?
Girl asked me if I ever had a girlfriend before and laughed at me, is it over?
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