Do women have it tougher than men?

Imagine for a moment that you were a guy, and above your head was your net value worth in dollars and cents. And you were forced to walk around with no pants or underwear, everywhere you went.

Your entire value would be out for the entire world to see.

This is what happens with wealthy men, and why many wealthy men, such as actors are forced to only date other actors or other rich women. Because they don’t want to feel that they are liked or being used solely for their money. If she's rich also, they don’t have to worry about that. A good movie to watch about this is coming to America with Eddie Murphy.

Plus, women are stuck in this dilemma, they don’t want to hide their looks cause they know it's what attracts a man, but at the same time they don’t want them to like them just for that.

So what they do when a prospective suitor comes along, they have to test the man to see if he's really after her looks or if he could possibly like her for her. Much like a wealthy man would do, if he were in that situation. (i.e. eddie murphy.)

The other part is that they want to approach a man, but because of societal rules, because they like a man to take charge and be a leader, there is one other thing that people are missing.

If she approaches the guy she likes, and he turns her down… guess what? He knows why, she knows why and everyone who saw that approach knows exactly why she got shot down. It's because he thought she was ugly. This is why women tell people that they don’t want to approach a guy unless she's absolutely certain that he likes her, even if it's just superficially.

Now, on to the brutal truth. Who has more power in the dating world, men.. or women?

Ok lets take the best example of both worlds.

The most attractive woman in the world.. she doesn’t need to approach any guys but wants the best man in the world to talk to her. And she can't because of what I just said.

Now you have the most desired man in the world. (it's not just based off looks.. that’s why I used the word desired.)He still has to approach, he's the one making all the decisions, he's the one who ultimately decides whether or not he wants her. She just sits there waiting, hoping that he talks to her. No matter how confident or sure of herself she is, she still has to wait.

At that point, it's like a millionaire walking into a car dealership buying a car. Sure he came in there wanting a specific car, sure he likes the car, but the car just sits there looking cool while the man makes his decision whether or not to drive away in it.

And he can take all day making his choice too, the whole time while he's deciding however, the cars value is dropping, its depreciating in value.

Women are also set with this whole issue of waiting. Imagine for a minute that your that guy again, but your net worth has a clock next to you, that is constantly ticking down, but as its ticking, you are losing money, and your penis is shrinking. What would you do?


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  • Okay, this is an unnecessarily long question. You can keep coming up with so many specific scenarios and none of them would truly define what man or woman go through. Women believe that they have it harder when it comes to dating because of so many little factors such as make-up, picking outfits, their hairstyles, perfumes, purses, jewelry, "omg does he think I'm cute?", "do you think he'll like my hair?", "what if he doesn't like my jacket?", and then finally themselves. Whew... couldn't have made it through the day without ALL of that. But truth be told, men aren't that complex. Most men are generally the same, just with different personalities.

    So, what do guys worry about? Well, any normal guy who isn't into himself would probably tell you nearly the same thing no matter which guy you asked. Men worry about the girl thinking their fun because zero fun means ZERO play. Men worry about the girl thinking whether they are funny or not because if a guy can't get women to laugh it's NOT going to happen. Men worry if they make a woman feel nervous because if she does she WON'T enjoy the date. Men are expected to approach and ask themselves "Is she going to reject me?" or "Is she going to reject me in front of all these people?" Men worry if they have enough money to take the girl out because if she says no more at the end of the date, bye bye money. Men worry if they are asking the right questions and making a connection with women because men are inferior when it comes to communication skills and naturally have trouble holding lengthy conversations because men honestly don't talk that much (men can usually sit next to each other for 10 minutes and not say a single thing, but feel a positive connection).

    So, you could say that women have it harder because there are so many things that they do to prepare themselves for a guy. But on the other hand, guys have it harder because guys have to face rejection many more times over than a woman will ever have to go through in her life while wondering what went wrong.

    Advice for the ladies: Keep it simple... really... and stop putting on so much cake.

    Advice for the guys: Show your confidence and take interest... that's it... oh and talk.

    • Actually men have it tougher than women. This is to show that I can argue the other side.

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    • I agree with that argument. But, like I said, the answer was meant to be as unbiased as possible because I am male and am clearly in favor of defending men in this argument. I hope you get some more answers here so you can get a more clear idea for yourself. Good chatting with you.

    • Actually "proof" is highly subjective.

      proof is merely "evidence you believe to be true."

      If you keep going around and everything "proves" you wrong, it means your gullible because you believe everything you see.

      On the other hand if your a bit more selective.. than it shows you have better judgment.

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  • This whole thing can be reversed if the women chooses to take the initiative, your arguements are based on scenarios of whoever takes the lead in choosing somebody, but in the end, both participants had to choose the other at one point or another. It just the matter of who does it first.

    • Most women, once they approach a man still expect the man to take his role. Which is to court the woman, and take the wheel. Which means, the mere fact that she simply "walked up" to the guy and smiled and say "hi" (which is "pretty much" all women do) he's still expected to perform. Which means the woman is still hoping he's not a douchebag and that she still has to wait for him to be a good guy and know how to lead.

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    • It's true, but some girls spark a conversation, not jut say 'hi'. I personally wouldn't go up to a random guy and say 'hi', unless I had something else to say

    • The things that women typically say are as lame as what most guys say to women... maybe lamer.

      "your hot, can I get your number?" I don't know how many times women have used this on me.. this happened twice last weekend. Usually though most women don't approach men unless they have been drinking. Instead they try and bait the man to approach them, like using subtle hints, such as lengthy eye contact, and "accidently" bumping into them.

  • Socially, men have it hard. Physically, emotionally and socially women have it harder.


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  • Woman is the new man. They have more options career etc before the only option was family, children etc. Some women are really picky to picky for parnters but eventually you have to settle or buy more time put the eggs on ice which is popular. The smartest women in business chose family in the end, making sure your dna survives is more important than money or career but they still will marry sucessfully up if they want to stay in work or down or accross if they want to go back to work.