Do women have it tougher than men?

Imagine for a moment that you were a guy, and above your head was your net value worth in dollars and cents. And you were forced to walk around with no pants or underwear, everywhere you went.

Your entire value would be out for the entire world to see.

This is what happens with wealthy men, and why many wealthy men, such as actors are forced to only date other actors or other rich women. Because they don’t want to feel that they are liked or being used solely for their money. If she's rich also, they don’t have to worry about that. A good movie to watch about this is coming to America with Eddie Murphy.

Plus, women are stuck in this dilemma, they don’t want to hide their looks cause they know it's what attracts a man, but at the same time they don’t want them to like them just for that.

So what they do when a prospective suitor comes along, they have to test the man to see if he's really after her looks or if he could possibly like her for her. Much like a wealthy man would do, if he were in that situation. (i.e. eddie murphy.)

The other part is that they want to approach a man, but because of societal rules, because they like a man to take charge and be a leader, there is one other thing that people are missing.

If she approaches the guy she likes, and he turns her down… guess what? He knows why, she knows why and everyone who saw that approach knows exactly why she got shot down. It's because he thought she was ugly. This is why women tell people that they don’t want to approach a guy unless she's absolutely certain that he likes her, even if it's just superficially.

Now, on to the brutal truth. Who has more power in the dating world, men.. or women?

Ok lets take the best example of both worlds.

The most attractive woman in the world.. she doesn’t need to approach any guys but wants the best man in the world to talk to her. And she can't because of what I just said.

Now you have the most desired man in the world. (it's not just based off looks.. that’s why I used the word desired.)He still has to approach, he's the one making all the decisions, he's the one who ultimately decides whether or not he wants her. She just sits there waiting, hoping that he talks to her. No matter how confident or sure of herself she is, she still has to wait.

At that point, it's like a millionaire walking into a car dealership buying a car. Sure he came in there wanting a specific car, sure he likes the car, but the car just sits there looking cool while the man makes his decision whether or not to drive away in it.

And he can take all day making his choice too, the whole time while he's deciding however, the cars value is dropping, its depreciating in value.

Women are also set with this whole issue of waiting. Imagine for a minute that your that guy again, but your net worth has a clock next to you, that is constantly ticking down, but as its ticking, you are losing money, and your penis is shrinking. What would you do?
Do women have it tougher than men?
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