Are Capricorn men shy when they like someone? Do they ignore you?

So I'm a Scorpio girl with a crush on a Capricorn male. We work together and we actually had gotten quite close up until recently when it seems he has been deliberately avoiding me. We used to sit at the same work area until he was moved to another desk. We would talk all the time and he sometimes gives me lifts home. Well I went on holiday for awhile and when I came back he was still friendly even though we weren't sitting together, he would still come up to me and chat ( I actually brought him back a souvenir from my holiday), but in the last week or so he has been weird. He'll pass my desk and not say anything, he will greet my friend right in front of me and not say a word to me. Like he even asked her a question about something and addressed her by name, completely ignoring me. I also rang in sick one day and he happened to answer the phone and it was super awkward, long pauses, and he just seemed awkward. I notice when we are alone in the office or there are less people he is more willing to come up to me and talk. I'm just wondering why he has no problem talking to everyone else in the office though and making conversation, but then barely says two words to me now? Is he just shy about the way he feels?
Are Capricorn men shy when they like someone? Do they ignore you?
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