Why would a guy ghost before a first date?

Recently, I started online dating - OkCupid. I was talking to multiple guys. There was 1guy who I'd probably gave the least attention & time due to the following: 1. talking to multiple people 2. work 3. busy bday weekend 4. I was sick. He asked me out on a date during our day2 talking at night. He teasingly squeezed in cutely about wantin to snuggle me if I wanted to. I didn't reply until the next evening, "I'd like to see where things go first & then, snuggles come after I do have some plans for this week. I'll check my schedule & see when/if I'm free. I'll let you know "

He didn't reply to me that night until the next day, "I'm usually free on weekends but can make weekdays work with enough notice. Hope you're having a lovely Sunday!"

I replied a couple hours later (since I was celebrating) how I was up for it on a Sat noon & if it worked for him/what he wanted to do. He responded, "Mm i think that should work for me. But I may have some school thing to do that I'm completely blanking on. But yea I'm down for anything so we can play it by ear that day." I usually don't reply fast, but I did that night within an hour. BUT I NEVER heard from him bc the next day, he disable his account. He has been gone for 2 days now,& I know I should forget it if he does not come back after tonight.

I'm left feeling very shocked, confused, & disappointed bc I realized I actually wanted to meet him to get to know him better &see if we click. We only talked for 4 days, so it felt all way too short & fast of a blow This is the 1st time I've felt this guilty; I messed up. But I don't think what he did was right either. Why would he ghost me? (esp when we were on the process of making plans for our 1st date & when he told me how he would be willing to come see me since we are 30 mins apart). Could it be my poor timely responses/show lack interest & attention/him as a law student/not ready to date/lost interest/the snuggle comment/etc? Is there a chance he might come back?
Why would a guy ghost before a first date?
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