How to heal a bruised lip from kissing?

Well this to me is a bit embarrassing...but the thing is, me and my boyfriend were kissing, and well the outcome was I ended up with a bruised lower lip, not to bad, but it kinda looks like I got in a fight with someone, or I forgot to finish putting Halloween make up on.

But my question really is, how would you get rid of a bruised lower lip, like what's the fastest way? this all happened yesterday, and well tomorrow is the first day of school, its not as bad as yesterday, but I'm just a little worried, and I'm not really a lipstick kinda person so I'd prefer not to have to wear that.

Soo...any suggestions would be nice:)


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  • ice and time.

    maybe lipstick to make the color more natural


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  • haha this happened to me once too. I said I tripped up the stairs and hit my face, and everyone believed it. The fact that no one doubted it makes me have to laugh at myself a bit xD

    • Haha gosh that makes me feel so much better, lol I just said that I was playing with my dog and somehow I bit my lip really hard, it seems to work for the momment:) but thanks I feel a lot better about it now haha

    • Lol no problem =) being clumsy has its advantages, I guess? lol

  • dont feel bad, I gave my self a black eye once lol I just stayed home from school for a few days/

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