Do white girls-women generally see white men as inferior to black men or why else does it seem white women generally pick black guys over white guys?

Yes, Yes I know it sounds really bad.
I know most white women date/marry white men but I think that's because of the demographics (there are obviously more white men in white countries).
But one thing that I noticed is that when white girls/women have to choose between white men and black men even if we talk about hooking up or just talking, they generally prefer to company of a black man.
Also, this is not necessarily about USA. I'm talking about all countries in general.
White women generally like or search the attention of black men and most of these end up in marriage/children.
Now I do not have anything against people marrying/dating/having children with whom they want but I want to know why are white women generally more attracted or want to be in the company of a black man rather than a white man? What are the reasons?
Are white men generally not as alpha as black men? are white men not as nice as black men? do black men treat women better?
What do you think?


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  • I think you’re over thinking it, people fall in love. People like what they like. I know tons of white girls who are with white guys or girls same with black girls. Race is becoming less of an issue for people which has taken long enough. You can’t generalize people like that for example I’m a white woman I’m not with a white or black man my husband is Latino.

  • Black men usually having bigger shlongs lol buuut maybe it’s just about connections. A lot of people date outside their race. If he happens to be black then who cares.


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