What to do after the first kiss?

So, Saturday night I finally made out with my crush. We were sitting in her car and I leaned over and we kissed. I thought it was passionate and after we began we started pushing each other in different directions, I got out of the car probably 4 times only to get back in and kiss her again. lol. anyways, my question is, after that night I texted her twice the next day casually, I don't want to be creepy. She never got back to me! I didn't call or text at all the day after that but now I am thinking I should tell her how I feel because I can't get her off my mind. We were friends for a good month before, hanging out almost everyday by ourselves. and I know she is a tad bit of an uncomfortable girl. but our first kiss seemed so right! what should I do? what is she thinking? I really want to open up to her.

I should probably add that we were both drinking that night at a friend's art show, but I sent her signals all night. we've been sending signals back and forth


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  • First of all... if she's not responding to your text's that doesn't mean you should now smother her in your affection and attention by writing her with your "feelings and such." This is just needy behavior and you're above all that.

    Instead take a break and realize that she's not responding for he own reasons. Maybe she's freaked out about what happened, or maybe she didn't get your text's. Who knows.

    It's best to side with caution. Don't spill your feelings... she already knows how you feel AND your feelings won't sell her on you. She doesn't CARE how you feel. She only cares how SHE feels.

    She might be suffering something called "buyer's remorse" or she simply might be super embarrassed about kissing you. Some girls will judge themselves for making out with a dude after drinking. It's too bad because no girl should feel bad for having a good time.

    Either find out from a friend how she feels, or simply assume she's been busy.

    When you do contact her again try calling or emailing... incase her texting isn't working.

    Try something like, "Hey Susan, I'm hoping you have an hour free later this week.. let's try Wednesday after dinner. There's this new cupcake place I'm dying to check out and you'd be the perfect company. Call or text me and let me know asap! :)"

    Your best approach is to treat her like an awesome girl who's dying to see you again. If she's not she simply won't respond. No harm. But if she IS interested she'll jump at the chance.

    Very likely she's worried about how you'll see her next time you meet up, so make sure your date (don't call it that) is in a non-drinking environment, and not your apartment. She wants you to see her as a "good girl" not some drunky you made out with.

    Put her mind at ease by acting cool and non-judgmental.

    Hope this helps,

    ~ Robby

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  • She could be a bit embarrassed after kissing you like that, esp. after she'd drunk sth. There're many possibilities, but I think she just wanna spend some time on her own to think. And don't pour your heart out to her. That'd freak her out.


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  • Maybe do it again...set up a date...