Is rude not to say goodnight to my boyfriend?

Sometimes we are texting at night and I just fall asleep leaving the conversation hanging without saying goodnight. Would you be bother it because of this?


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  • Nope, I personally do not mind.
    I cannot speak for all men though, as some may take that as being unkind.
    It really depends on their personality type, and how they grew up as a person.


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  • Yeah it's annoying and pretty rude

    Tho me and my bestfriend do it all the time to each other and it doesn't bother me, but only with her

    • It's just I guess at some point after knowing each other for long enough it doesn't bother me much. But if it's a new person that's rude

    • Yes I agree and that’s why I made the question. We have been together for 8 months though.

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  • Haha same deal with me. I always fall asleep every night before a goodnight text so he’s always like “you there” then sends his goodnight text. But he doesn’t mind though I mean at first he did and always asked me what happened or where did I go lol 😂 but now he has more patience with that situation of mine

  • My boyfriend and I both do this to each other, we just apologize for falling asleep in our good morning texts. You're fine


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