Are women or men more cowardly then ever before?

I was just thinking about this...

I can see why women would think that men have become more cowardly, because so many men today are spineless -- just want sex, don't want to risk a relationship, don't want to bother asking a girl out, etc.

But I also see women being a lot more cowardly than ever before. I give an analogy to dancing...

In dancing, the man commonly takes the lead but the woman also actively follows. She's not passive. She anticipates what comes next, so she is ready. For dancing to work, both people have to take it seriously.

But today, when it comes to dating, flirting and relationships, women understand that men are supposed to take the lead. But what they don't understand is that they also have an important role...

They think that it's OK to just stand in the background, and let the man dance by he's putting on a show for them. They think that it's enough to just stand still and occasionally clap to give encouragement or look the other way to show boredom, but not really participate.

So who is has become or women?
Men have become worse cowards
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Women have become worse cowards
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A lot of good thoughtful answers. Thanks!
Are women or men more cowardly then ever before?
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