Date the bus driver?

Is it wrong or awkward for a passenger (girl) to date the bus driver (guy)...(We are in the same age range)...could it ever happen?


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  • Anything could happen if you want it to. If you like him, then why not?

    At the same time, I think you should be careful. From my personal experience, there was a driver on a bus I took every morning to work who constantly was flirting with me, was trying to find out whether I had a boyfriend, my phone number, etc. I never took him seriously but after a while a girl who worked with me told me he did the same thing. So you might consider he's flirting with other cute girls who take the bus as well.

    Anyway, probably it's not the case and he's a nice guy, so I say give it a try :).

    • Okay,I will take my time get to know him becuase I know for sure that the true comes out eventually...and if that the case I will give a taste of his on mendice. ; )

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