Casual relationship vrs Friends with benefits vrs seeing someone occasionally?

The "seeing someone occasionally" I mean that they also are kinda of friends, but not so close. Is there a difference between the 3 or they are pretty similar?


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  • Casual relationships is where you don't have any ties and stuff so they Can go off to see whoever else they like.
    Friends with benefits is where you're just friends and you have sex on a regular.
    Seeing someone occasionally is just seeing them on a date but not actually becoming a couple.

    All three are bad in my opinion. Personally if I could get a relationship, it would be a proper long term one.

  • All similar as if too close, things get complicated

  • All 3 are pretty similar with small difference

    • and what is the difference?

    • Casual relationship -in which, u can randomly meet and spend good time.
      Friends with benifit- it's more closer that casual, i blv its the best one.
      Seeing someone occasionally- it's the most separated one

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