She paid for the second date?

So I met this girl on an online dating website. She added me as a favorite so I messaged her long story short we went on a date. First date seem to go well, I paid we talked a lot there was never any silence and the time flew by. We went on a second date in which she grabbed the check and insisted on paying and wouldn't let me, but again the date seem to go good. Lots of eye contact smiling and no awkward silence. I texted her making sure she got home alright both times and the second date said I had a really good time. We did not kiss... just hugged I didn't see an opening since we where walking back to our cars and it was like 4 degrees outside, so we just hugged. Now we seem to have a lot in common however, I always text her first, normally she always gets back to me. I am not one to text often though, and if I don't get a text back I rarely follow up unless they reply. She didn't reply back to my last text, I was just seeing how she was doing because I new she had somewhere to go and it snowed. Also said she can feel free to add me on facebook, and gave her my name on there. She never got back to me. I like her, she is smart and seems to smile at everything. I just don't know where to go from there, not sure how she feels and my question is should I just leave it at that and or follow up? I want to leave at that, my test to see if she is interested.


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  • Don’t play games. I would follow up if that’s what you want to do :) don’t “test” her. She seems polite and maybe a bit shy, it seems she sees you as an equal as well. I say go for it and if the communication is still an issue, ask why she doesn’t initiate conversation. Maybe she’s not a texter, maybe she prefers phone call who knows if you don’t ask :)

    • I am not playing games, I sent the last text and she did not respond. I am not one to play games

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    • Oh I see. I would give it another shot and if you don’t get anything back she may not be interested then.

    • I actually waited it out and she did reply back after a little over 24 hours.

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  • Look dude, women expect you to make all the first steps so unless you find a dominant woman or a more independent thinking woman you're going to have to do all the hard work.

    Props to her for paying though, that's fucking class.


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