Should the girl pay on the second date?

Yes or no and why?


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  • you should offer to pay your way on the first date...shows integrity and it shows that you were raised correctly...

    • Best answer by far.. After the first date (where the guy declines her paying the bill) I would recommend that both parties pay seperate bills unless it's discussed otherwise before the bill is present.

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    • Offer to pay, even if its only for a round of drinks.

      And please don't ever state what a mans job and role is because I could easily say a womans job and role is to be a house wife.....but you wouldn't like that would you? rightly so, women are a lot more independent these day, and they earn the same amount of money as a man, so why shouldn't you pay? The only reason men payed back then is because they earnt a lot more than a woman. Times have changed, so should you.

    • Why not state something that is true, hon? Plus, ill say whatever I feel like saying. We know that men and women have roles and no they are not all fair and should be equal but truth is its just the way it is.

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  • A girl should always come prepared to pay her own way, no matter if it's the first, second, or 20th date. I don't think anyone should go on a date and expect that the other person pay. If they offer, that's great, but I don't think that it should be expected that because someone is male, they have to pay. Women are just as capable of paying and I don't think that women should act like they're the "weaker" sex that needs to be taken care of.

    I make just as much money as the average man and I can't think of one good reason why he should have to pay instead of me.

    • Men want to provide and want to pay at first. Its just the manly thing to do but I hear what you are still but still men should always pay at first.

    • I think if you talked to more men, you'd find out that a lot of men find it refreshing when a girl is willing to pay for a date or at least her own way. A lot of men also want to a partner who is their equal---a girl who is self-sufficient and isn't dependent on them.

    • I said at first not every time we date. Like first or second. Like this guy I'm dating now, he payed on the first date and I told him that ill treat next time see? Some men rather keep payin and some rather just do the first date and hope you put somethin in on the second date

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