How can I help my boyfriend impress my parents?

My boyfriend is really shy to be honest with some. When I’m at his house with his family and his mom is there, we don’t really talk at all. I try and make small talk but she doesn’t put in the same effort. My boyfriend told me that his girlfriends never talked with his mom, so I’ve put in more effort than his ex’s. I’m trying to make a good impression.
However, when we are at my house and my parents are there, my mom tries to make small talk with him and my boyfriend answers but doesn’t talk much, just like his mom. Then we go to the basement to watch movies and well, you know, have privacy and don’t go back upstairs until he has to leave. So he pretty much says “Hi” and “Bye”. I try and add a conversation with my mom that he could join into but it still doesn’t work. He’s polite and has manors though.
My sister is having a birthday party at her house so I invited him to that, then he can meet a bunch of family members and friends at once... would that help him become more comfortable with my family? Or are there better options? I really want my parents to get to know what a great guy he is so they don’t assume things about him because they started to do that.
How can I help my boyfriend impress my parents?
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