Guys , Choose between Female A or B?

Everybody has their flaws , Its up to us when considering a serious mate to know what we can tolerate and handle from our loved ones as opposed to what can be real deal breakers. So my question here is for the guys.. personally which one is the better of both evils persay 😂,, what can you handle more and live with more
Female A:
She is the sweet mothering type , Very feminine and very vulnerable.. mothering by nature BUT has a constant track of you for reassurance... meaning , has to check your phone ,,, has to call you up ,,, has to know what you are doing ,, asks questions about other girls etc is a worrying mother type but romantic and has no problem with showing you how much she is crazy about you. Female B :
She is the independent type... She will never check your phone or ask to exchange passwords , she will never ask or demand for an explanation of things from you.. she lets you be and dosent insist on where you are going BUT.. she rarely shows any type of jealousy and she needs the same back... she dosent like being bothered and she HAS to have time for herself where she goes into her cave everynow and then... she might seem nonchalant at times because she's very much on the go and that might make her seem like she dosent express as much but she needs a nudge from you basically to show you her more romantic deeper side.

PS : both women do have enough time to spend with you to actually date. Both women are interested and want a relationship with you... Rationally speaking, without the emotional aspect... long term who do you see yourself being more inclined to?
Female A
Female B
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Guys , Choose between Female A or B?
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