If I don't text/call her for a week, she contacts me?

So I have a girl that's a friend that I like but if I play it cool and don't text her for like a week she texts or calls me think she likes me or just wondering what's up as a friend


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  • do you see each other often? 'cause if you do and she STILL texts you, she's totally into you. plus, as a girl, I tend to get quite desperate when my crush is not talking to me so I find a way to get in contact. If you don't see each other often I'd say there's a 50-50 chance.

    • We hang out pretty often but she's been kinda busy with school and soccer

    • She sounds like a girl who has a pretty busy life. she sounds like the kind of girl who gets a sports scholarship. Think about this: girls like that don't really have an enormous amount of time to just waste around. Ergo, she thinks you're worth her time because she takes some of it to see how YOU are doing. Plus, if you hang out pretty often that means she ALREADY KNOWS how you're doing. So it isn't just concern as a friend. I'd say she likes you, though I'd probably look for more signs.

  • If you really like this girl, I suggest you text her more often and don't just forget about it for a week because when guys stop talking to a girl for a period of time, the girl gets the wrong impression and will start to think you don't even like her, so she is going to eventually stop trying and move on. If you like her, let her know before another guy does.

    • Well I don't necessarily forget I kinda just wanted to see if shed text me if I didn't text/call her (it was a hard week got tempted so many times and it felt like forever haha)

    • Aw well then if she texted you, she's interested. Trust me, if the guy I like dosnt text me for a while, I get the urges to text him first, but then again I sometimes don't because I don't want to be the one always going to him first, if he cared/wanted to talk, then he would text me. Just like how you should :)

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