Why do I always attract weird guys?

Almost every guy that flirts with me is weird in some way.

Most of the guys I attract are considered unattractive to the female population - they are usually perverted and desperate, they are really pushy and don't take no for an answer. The worst that has happened to me was when a guy kept on groping me and trying to rip my shirt off, even when I told him to stop. Then there is another guy who isn't exactly creepy, but he doesn't understand that I'm not interested, one time he accused me of playing hard to get. He would always make subtle comments about me secretly wanting him, even though I didn't!

I also get hit on by guys who have low self esteem and are socially awkward, they are usually afraid of the pretty girls - even the friendly ones, but for some reason they are confident around me.

I feel insulted whenever these type of guys approach me, I know every girl has to deal with a creepy/weird guy, but ALMOST all of the guys that have flirted with me are... odd? I'm starting to think that a guy has to have something wrong with him in order to like me. I only know three or four decent guys that have liked me.

I try to be friendly, but I'm not a flirt. I come across as shy and timid at first, but most of the introverted girls get ignored. I'm sorry if I come across as shallow, I just get frustrated because none of the normal guys are ever interested in me!
Why do I always attract weird guys?
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