Why do I attract weirdos?

I'm not trying to be vain, but I am a very attractive woman and exceedingly intelligent. I don't go looking for weird guys, but I always seem to end up with the controlling, jealous, perverted type. I'm starting to believe that there is no such thing as a genuinely good guy. I have never hung out with a guy that didn't want everything the first time we hung out. I dress appropriately and I am not a promiscuous person. I have no clue what it is.


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  • The thing is, sex and lust are extremely powerful and very underestimated. Seeing as how you are attractive, very attractive at that, you easily turn on guys. When guys look at girls, the first thing they look at will be your body, and how attractive it is. They start undressing you with their eyes, and sexing you in their heads, when they actually start conneting with you and are allowed to get closer, the lust takes even more of a hold on them getting progressively stronger till the point where they make a move, that's when you knock em down a couple notches if your not wanting that. Like I said, do not underestimate lust. And just to get this out, this is most guys and every guys at the same time, what I mean by this is that some guys gain power over lust but are still tempted, yet they have gained power over it thus having more control and respect. But this let's you easily see what they're about and wanting out of the relationship. If they're in it for the love and companionship then they won't be so focused on the sex alone.


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  • damn, must be lonely up there on your pedestal...

  • Your just hanging out with the wrong guys. There are guys that won't try to get in your pants right away. The same thing with girls I've been having trouble finding a girl that doesn't just want to have sex and fun. I want something serious.


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