Why do I attract freaks?

Okay so I just don't understand why attractive guys ignore but creepy ass guys are all into me I'm confused beyond repair. Can someone please enlighten me to why freaky people are interested in me only? please!


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  • By the looks of it. It's likely because of the way you look, you look like the girl that goes for nice guy type. For attractive guys they likely go for a whole lot more sluttier and such. I ain't saying its a bad thing maybe it's the crowd you hang with as well. If you hang with creepy people your going to have creepy people who like you. I am also not suggesting being slutty to get a guy. You should just let it come to you. If a guy is interested into you he will try to get a hold of you some way.


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  • My friend has the same problem. I believe since I live around guys all most all the time, and all most act like a guy even though I am a girl (tomboy at heart) that guys can sense girls and how they are...all most like dogs. (No offense boys) Example I think guys can smell or sense when a girl will be easy for them to control.

    • That's a hilarious comment for guys :) , I guess I'm an other animal my self cause I don't have that good of a nose as it seems :)

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