Do I tell my date that I‘m in an f+ relationship?

I‘ve posted this before but I just thought I‘d post it again to see if there are some other/new opinions on the matter:

I‘ve just recently got into an f+ relationship where we said it was ok for us to see other people (I‘m just trying it out and I feel comfortable enough to stop it if I feel it‘s nothing for me), I‘m not currently looking for a serious relationship though.

However I met a guy on Tinder and he seems really nice and we might meet up sometime (I don‘t intend on starting anything serious with him either, he just seems like a nice guy and I‘d like to get to know him).

Now my question is: Do I tell this Tinder-Guy that I am in an f+ relationship and if so do I tell him before we meet up?

Thanks a lot for your help 😉


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  • I have no idea what an F+ relationship is. It sounds like you're casually dating someone already, and are seeking to see who else is out there?
    I don't understand the relaitonship you're currently in. If you're happy with things and are content in the relationship, why see other people? Why persue dating or going on dates with those interested in dating, when you're already with someone?

    I think you need to get your priorities figured out hun. You're not interested in a serious relationship, and that's okay but to continue dating other people and giving them the false hope you're interested in them, when in fact you're already with someone is decieving! Be upfront and honest WAY BEFORE you plan to meet up.

    I feel bad for this tinder guy. He's probably found someone he enjoys chatting with, and he has no idea you're already seeing someone, and not interested in dating or persuing anything.
    To me, that's not fair. If I personally found out someone was in the same situation as you, it'd not be worth my time to even go on the date!

    You have to pick what you want. It honestly sounds like you're only after going on dates for your own self-esteem boost, or because you're bored with your relationship you're in and want something more / different.
    I think it's ridiculous in my opinion.

    • an f+ relationship is when two friends hook up from time to time. Since I am not ready for a serious relationship at the moment but was looking for something physical I thought I would try this, meaning I‘m not sure if it‘s the right thung for me yet.

      Me and this guy don‘t have feelings for eachother we just get along really well and we‘ve established that we are both ok with the other person seeing other people as but that we‘d tell eachother as soon as it would turn into smth serious.

      The Tinder-Guy also knows that I‘m not looking for anything serious at the moment and the reason I want to meet him is because I still think that he sounds like a very cool guy and I‘m kinda intigued by him for whatever reason.

      I hope I was able to clear a few things up for you but thank‘s for your reply ;)

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