How do I know if an Asian guy likes me?

I have been hanging out once with a Thai guy that I meet on fb and he is an exchange student. His female friend added me and told me she knew I went out with him coz they are friends and he told her about me.

Now, i belong to their group (everyone is Thai and im white girl) and whenever we all hang out it seems like his friends always make us sit beside each other, like on the bus and whenever I have to go somewhere he will offer to come with me and he sends me a message and ask if i arrived safely after we say goodbye to each other.

At dormitory we stayed together on the balcony for even 1h and keep talking. The other girls were in the room, so it was just me and him. And like.. we always walk side by side and talk when we hang out with the group. And his female friend told me he is a bit shy around me.
Im really confused. I dont know if he is just friendly or if he likes me, but i know we always end up around each other and I do like him
We have been hanging out around 3-4 times
How do I know if an Asian guy likes me?
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