Do you think men are starting to give up on women in general?

Given the rise of radical feminism--how basically every major institution now seems to operate on the assumption of identity politics--and the fact that women more often cry rape than ever before (raping women is deplorable, women falsely accusing men of rape is equally deplorable), it seems self-evident that gender dynamics are quickly collapsing. At the current rate, a large segment of the male population will stop pursuing women altogether.

Now, I imagine this sounds like good news to many women, because as studies on Tinder have demonstrated, most women view 80% of men as unattractive and effectively undateable (source: A lot of women would probably assume that if most men stop pursuing them, that must mean a lot of the undesirables bite the dust, leaving the ones they actually want much more easily detectable. Obviously, not all guys are going to walk away from women immediate, so they might be right. But, as more and more men realize what a raw deal they are getting, even these guys will opt-out of relationships as well and might eventually stop pursuing women altogether. Too many "straight, white males with lots of money and authority", am I right? So, why would a man with lots of potential settle down with or get involved with any one woman when he can lose everything he has worked for?

What do you think? Are we headed for a societal epidemic or is it just overblown hype and hysteria?
I think we have a serious problem on our hands.
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It's not that big a deal, men just need to grow some balls and "man up".
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Do you think men are starting to give up on women in general?
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