My sister is hot?

I know a lot of people are gonna be like "Oh you just need to be confident". So my sister is older than me, and definitely so much more prettier. She's got my moms features, and is thin. She's a model, and is perfect. Gets all the attention from guys and women. Always gets told she's pretty. I get told I would be pretty if I lost weight. My dad even has one of her pictures as his background. She's taller, and I am short and overweight. Somehow I got a boyfriend. I honestly don't know what he see's in me. Like my older sister gets flirted with all the time by guys my age and gets flirted with on social media! I just hope my boyfriend doesn't think she's better than me and leaves me cause I am not pretty enough. Should I worry about this? My sis dresses revealing, and I dress more casual. I just see this ending in a disaster because of my self esteem, just seems like I have nothing to offer. I got unlucky with my genes... so I am ugly.. I am thinking about breaking it off.. my boyfriend tells me he loves me and such. He also says I am perfect the way I am, but I call bullshit.. every guy wants a hot girl..
My sister is hot?
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