My girlfriend is so much hotter than me?

My girlfriend is so much better looking than me. I’ve never cared about anything like this or I don’t want it to seem like we’re in competition. But it just bothers me. Guys always look at her and even tell me that she’s he hottest girl in school and that they’d bang her. I feel so insignificant to her, it’s like why is she dating me. It’s not low self esteem, it’s just like, how did I get this girl and how can I keep her. In other words, she’s way out of my league, is this normal and how do I deal with my girlfriend being super model gorgeous and getting so much attention from every guy?


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  • Looks are not everything. In fact, in a good relationship I think they are a relatively small part of the attraction. I've seen many relationships between a very attractive person and an average or less looking person. It's not that unusual.

    You obviously have something that she finds desirable enough that she wants you as your boyfriend. I say don't question that and just be happy for it.

    Be proud that all those other guys want her but she wants you!

    • Part of it is is that I can’t trust her and I know she likes this attention from other guys. She has cheated on me in a previous relationship with her, and I made her stop talking to all her ex’s because of it and she didn’t like that. I’m just scared she will cheat on me again. She likes to wear “slutty” clothes. It shows her boobs well and when she walks they jiggle and it always has the guys staring. She wears yo age pants everyday.😔

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    • I recently tried to talk to her again about it and she was different. She got sad and actually listened to me. She now wears t-shirts instead of slutty boob-showing shirts. But it’s just a matter of time before it starts up again I think.

    • Open communication is a wonderful thing in a relationship when done right. I'm glad that she apparently listened to you and is willing to make a change in order to respect your feelings. That's a very good thing.

      What exactly did you say that you think got through to her and made her decide to do something? I guess you'll see in time whether it's a permanent change or not. If she's been dressing that way for a long time, it will probably take her some time to adjust so I wouldn't be be surprised if she wears some of the things she's been wearing again because she isn't thinking about what you said and just puts on something she likes. If that happens, I'd calmly remind her of your discussion. Hopefully in time she'll adjust and adopt the new way of dressing. It might be helpful for you to let her know how happy you are with her change of wardrobe. Positive reinforcement of the change she's made might help her feel good about it and continue it.

  • Hey out of that mindset man, no girl is out of your league. One cannot help what they desire.


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