Lunch date with a married man?

There's this guy from my college class (he's a bit older) who sits behind me. Since class started (in AUG) we've never exchanged a word. Just recently, I saw him on campus with a laptop and other gadgets and approached him to ask if he knew how to fix computers because I was having issues with mine. He offered to help and we exchanged numbers.

He called the next day about my laptop and we struck up a conversation while he was driving home (which happens to be over an hour away). I forgot on what, but he lost a bet and said because he lost, he had to take me out to lunch. I agreed, he seems very nice.

We were suppose to have lunch next this Wednesday (he said Mondays/Tuesdays were really difficult for him because time was limited though those days were best for me) that I had to cancel on him because of Turkey day stuff with the fam. He offered my request for a rain check and left it at that. During our conversation, I hear a woman in the background and asked "Oh -- are you out somewhere or?" He laughed, "Nah, it's just my wife, she's asking about the kids." I was surprised -- didn't have an inkling he was married.

Well after that phone call, he calls me back an hour later and asks if we could move lunch up to Tuesday and he'll find time.

I have yet to reply but I'm wondering, is this just platonic thing or am I getting myself into a mess? Cancel the date? Confront him?

Is he interested in something more (I'd like to avoid this, please) or is it really just to strike up a friendship?

Little phrases that he says here and there "You make me smile" and "I enjoy you around me" etc make me wonder maybe he's interested in me more than he should be?


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  • Hang on, "he lost a bet and said because he lost, he had to take me out to lunch". Am I missing something?

    Does he wear his wedding ring?

    I think you should stay away from him. It doesn't matter what he wants from you, what his intentions are or what he thinks. You can only be responsible for what you do. If you met up with him, you are throwing just as much wood into the fire as he is. Food for thought something to think about.

    • No he doesn't wear a ring. (If he did --- I would have had an inkling" And if you re-read it, I agreed to it BEFORE I knew he was married.

      I think I'm just gonna cancel if he's gonna most likely make a move.

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  • Ummm most guys who cheat won't let the person they are trying to cheat with (you) that they have a wife and kids, UNLESS he thought you were VERY interested in him and this was a slam dunk.

    Maybe he is just nice and wants to help fix your computer. Just because you go to lunch with a married man doesn't mean you have to jump in the sack with him.


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  • Sounds like a potential dangerous situation. In the sense that a marriage could be put in jeopardy. I'd run & not look back

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