Have you ever had sex with someone you just met?

I have once and fell for her only to never hear from her again.

Well, I swiped right and we matched and decided to meet at a coffee shop. I thought I was stood up being the girl who I thought I was going to meet never showed, or did she. I checked my phone and her account was gone. I was going to go and this girl started talking to me and told me her date stood her up. We talked for a few and everything seemed to work out well, we exchanged numbers and before long we were outside in my SUV. We drove to the movies but never made it outside of my SUV. We missed the movie and I dropped her off back at the coffee house and felt so in love. I sent her a message trying to arrange a proper date the next day but the text came back being the number was not legit. I think she was the same person I was actually supposed to meet being she seemed to like everything I liked and had so much in common.

I might consider it again but everything would have to be upfront that we are entering into a relationship and this is not a one night stand. Yes, I would actually make sure I had their real number too <3
Yes, once.
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Yes, 2-3 times
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Yes, 4 or more times
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No, but I would consider it. Please tell us what would purswade you.
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No, I would never.
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Have you ever had sex with someone you just met?
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