He wants to hear my voice (poll)

I'm really good friends with a guy I met online. We talk all the time for hours. He's really nice and calls me princess, angel, etc.

Recently he said he wanted to hear my voice. At first, I had to tell him I didn't have much money on my phone (prepaid) and he said he would put money on my phone so that we could hear my voice.

Is it normal for a guy to want to hear his female friend's voice?

Could it be that he has romantic feelings for me?

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  • I voted A, but I'm not entirely certain. It could just be that he feels weird talking to someone online for so long without even knowing what they sound like.

    But my intuition tells me that he probably does at least have some romantic hopes. And I would hope that those are "hopes" rather than "expectations".

    You can talk to him without using your phone, by using one of the many online VoIP services (Skype, Google, Yahoo, etc.) which are free. This seems like a somewhat smarter idea than giving him your phone #, since you still don't know him that well. Hopefully, he really is a nice guy.


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  • It's normal to want to hear a voice in general, especially since you two have been talking online. There isn't much info to really determine any feelings on his end, but it does seem he might like you.

  • no. omg. don't do this. you don't even know the person...

    he could be a rapist or something.

    • Jeez. There's smart ways to meet someone. Don't just assume they're a rapist/perv/creep.