What does it mean if a guy says no to hanging out with you?

This guy is always talking about hanging out with me, and always getting really close to me (today he pushed his body against mine when we looked out the window) but when I asked him to hang out with me and a friend (movies and more) he said no because its the weekend. Does he not like me?im confused.


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  • If a guy says no to hanging out , but gives no reason why he can't, he doesn't like you.

    If a guy says no to hanging out , but gives you a reason why he can't without you asking, he probably does like you.

    Try again later.


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  • maybe he just likes you and not your friend, but its more likely he is just busy and has better things to do then hang out with you and your friend, ask him to hang out with just you to see if he makes time, remember no guy doesn't have time for you he can make time if he wants to or not

  • He likes you, just not enough to hang out on weekends..

    You should get to know him.


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