Hanging out with my crush for the first time?

I have a crush on this guy in my math class...he constantly stares at me..I'm pretty sure he kinda likes me back..anyway my friend knows him and she said she's going to invite him over to her house to watch the hockey game going on behind her house..(he apparently lives for hockey) it's gonna be my first time talking to him as we are both shy..what kind of things should I say/do to get his attention when I go o the game with them? I don't want it to be obvious I like him but I want him to at least think I'm fun to talk to..please please help me out with this one!thank you!


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  • never get between a man and his love for sports...important rule

    introduce yourself to him as soon as you see him, him first before everyone else if there are other guys there...this is setting the stage by throwing the first dart

    if possible, try to sit next to him...time it so that you can talk to him during the commercial break...get your friend to help make sure timing is good in terms of keeping the seat open for you to make your move

    never ask him out directly, rather cue it to something like "we should hang out"...make sure you drop some signs and vibes...hints that you like him rather than just coming out with it directly or openly...no guy likes a compulsive girl...you have to build interest before you can go out together or hang out

    maybe you can get him a drink or go with him together if there's gonna be food at the house

    • Thanks so much for the advice! I'm super nevous! I really like him a lot so hopefully everything goes ok!

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