Why do bad things happen to good people?

Long story short, I went out with this girl three times, we kissed, made out, and on the third date she gave me head.

After that however she texted me about being my girlfriend. I couldn’t tell her that I was already in a relationship (she seemed like a good person at the time) so I texted back and said, "Sorry, no, it's not working out”.

I sent the text, deleted the chat logs, and forgot about her until today.

After a week of silence. I was home alone enjoying my Saturday, when there was a knock on the door. Assuming my girlfriend returned from work early, I naively opened the door, and was greeted to a HARD kick in the balls by my ex (I had never given her my address). There was a loud pop, and the pain was unbearable. When I was on the floor, she walked into MY apartment, located an expensive bottle of wine from the pantry, opened it and poured it on my head, not before pouring herself a glass of course.

I was on the floor for a 1/2 hour, before I finally was able to stand up and limp to my car to go to the ER (completely forgetting about the huge wine-stain which has probably seeped through the hardwood floor). I’m being told that both of my testicles have ruptured, and that the doctors may or may not be able to repair them with surgery. I told my girlfriend that I acquired these injuries in a bicycle accident, but I have no idea how I’m going to explain the wine stain (any ideas?).

Also, I don’t have any information about this psychopath aside from her first name (Sophia). I don’t even know her phone number because all of our online conversations were through Tinder (and I promptly deleted these conversations from my phone after attempting to cut all ties with her).

I consider myself a good person. I am true to myself, I am true to others, and I am, most importantly, true to God. The thought that something as evil as this could happen to ME is unbelievable, due to these three aforementioned traits. My surgery begins in an hour. Pray for me.
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Bad news. Unfortunately the surgery didn’t work, and I had to have both of my testicles removed. This means I will never be able to have children, and will be impotent for the rest of my life. My entire life has been destroyed by a girl I had only dated for a few weeks. My heart broke when I read your responses. I weep for humanity if you truly believe that people should have their lives ruined due to minor transgressions. If there is a God, may He save your souls.
Why do bad things happen to good people?
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