Why is she suddenly being silent?

So I met this girl online in early October, we started talking and ended up having a lot in common. She was living in Michigan at the time, but was moving to Florida in December, so was looking for people in Florida. We had so much in common, flirted a lot, and we even had a conversation where we tried to scare each other off with stuff we thought would turn the other away, and we came out even more attracted to each other. We talked every day, whether through email, or text, or skype. She would almost always text me first too, normally like a "Hey youuuu :)"

She finally moves down at the beginning of December, and I travel up to meet her (she lives about 2 hours away, and knew this from the get go). We had a fantastic date. Started as minigolf and chinese, and ended up going to the beach under the moonlight, having coffee at starbucks, and since we didn't want to leave each other, we watched a movie at her place, and we ended up cuddling and making out.

She continued to talk to me after that, and agreed to another date on the 22nd, and to come down to me and spend New Years Eve with me. When our 2nd date was approaching, she would send me very flirty texts, implying she wanted to "get physical", and was excited to see me.

The day before the date I asked her if we were still on, and she said "Yep!" and was very excited, but canceled the next day because something came up that she had to do. I asked her if she would be able to go out the next night, or knew when she would be able to go out next. I never got a response.

Ever since then she's been ignoring me. I've sent her a text asking to talk, which never got a response, and a text on Christmas to tell her Merry Christmas that didn't get a response either. I figured she needed some space, for whatever reason. So I laid off for about a week, and sent her a text today, just a friendly "Hey, what have you been up to?" and never got a response as well.

Things were going very well for us, she was into me, I was into her, and we got along fantastically, so why all of a sudden did she go silent? How did she go from sending me flirty, borderline sexting, texts on Friday, to ignoring me the following Wednesday and every day since?

UPDATE: She texted me 2 days ago, saying how she's been super busy. We have talked for a little bit yesterday, but she couldn't come down like we had planned. She doesn't seem as "excited" to talk to me as she used to. Not sure if she's still interested


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  • WOW, that's a strange one. Did you know everything about her. I mean her past boyfriends and history. She may got back with an ex or something. She is ignoring u, but maybe something has happened. Have you tried seeing her face to face?

    • She lives 2 hours away, so I have not "tried" to see her face to face, although I've certainly tried to get her to talk. It's such a fine line and I don't want to push it, but I do want to know what's going on. She told me that most of her exes have been complete douchebags, one cheated on her the day after her aunt committed suicide. And they all live in Michigan, so I think that's out. She constantly said she thought I was a catch and a good guy, so it's definitely been strange...

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    • Like I said, I have tried going out, and it's been pretty unsuccessful. I just don't think I'll be able to meet people by doing that. It's not like this area is flowing with people my age anyways.

      It just hurts to think that she's okay not talking to me like we've never met. Really discouraging.

    • I know, it is hurtful. I am only a teen so I wouldn't know where to meet a person out in the real world. So I guess maybe asking a question on here about it. Sorry but I can't be much help there. Hope everything works out fine for you

  • Yeah that is strange. I agree with the ex-theory. And I can vouch personally as I am meeting guys online now too in a bid to get over someone. And I really like this one guy I talk a lot to. But should my ex get back in contact with me and want to reconsile I would run to him in a second and probably vanish.

    But she should at least send you a mail and explain.

    • It's not like the ex thought has creeped into my mind, but like I said. Her exes are 24 hour drive away, and are, to what she says "assholes"

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