Why hasn't he kissed me yet?

I've been talking with this guy for about two weeks or so now. We have A LOT in common; he's also sweet, cute, and "perfect" in my opinion. We've been on around 4 dates now, and he still hasn't kissed me yet. I'm fairly positive that he's at least somewhat interested; we've watched movies at his house twice so far, and both times we cuddled up together on the couch. He gives me hugs goodbye whenever I leave, but I'm still waiting for that kiss. Honestly (and I know this will get said), I'm too chicken to make that first move to kiss him. I've always been a shy girl, and although I'm not as bad as I once was, I'm still a little shy.

So my question is: why hasn't he kissed me yet? Do you think it is because he wants to take things slow? Or maybe he is shy like me? I've been trying to hint for him to kiss me, but I don't think he's getting my hints XD

Your opinions are much appreciated :]

And please don't leave mean comments.


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  • It's very probable that he is just as nervous and shy as you are. Or maybe he's one of those guys who need absolute clearance to go in for the kiss. You may THINK your hints are easy to decipher...but the fact is he is not getting it. So this is one time where my advice is to SAY IT or DO IT. Meaning,either you playfully ask him,"So when are you gonna kiss me"? Or Kiss him when his eyes are closed,when he would least expect it.OR initiate by nuzzeling him on the neck and then his face(when you guys are cuddling). Doing this,i think he will definitely get the hint. But one of you has got to step up.Im sure he is questioning things just like you are. My last guy was a southern gent,and he would not touch me unless he knew it was completely okay.So of course I had to kiss him first.He...was...thrilled! I didn't have to initiate so much afterward either because we had established that comfortability. So..say it,or do it. GOOD LUCK! FAITH*

    • Thank you :]

      Actually, now that I think about it, when we were getting to know each other, we played the 20 question game through texting (that turned into like the 200 question game, haha). One of the questions he asked me was: "do you prefer for the guy to make the first move? Or does it matter to you?" And I told him that, for me, I like it when they make the first move; then afterward I'm more comfortable taking the "control" of the situation.

    • okay...well now he know.Either way,make it happen!:)

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  • He is definitely as shy as you are about this. it takes a lot of courage to go in for a kiss some easy ways to set it up would be next time you guys are looking at each other and you want him to kiss you just stare at his lips and bite your own bottom lip a little bit. I personally believe in the 80-20 rule. So if a girl leans towards me twenty percent of the way between us and were having a moment its time for a kiss but your guy may not be aware of this but you could try that to. If he still doesn't kiss you just go in for it yourself. He's definitely interested if he's stuck around for 4 dates just lean in and go for it.


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  • Have you been out on dates? miniature golf, restaurant, etc that would make a difference, because if you just hangout at home he might see you as a friend. My friend has a guy friend and they spend a lot of time together, they cuddle, and flirt, but they don't kiss. If a guy likes you he'll take you out and want to show you off. Step up your flirting a notch. When I make the eye contact a little longer usually that gives it away, or when I caress there arm.

    • Yes, we been out on coffee dates, and went out to dinner and a movie tonight.