He hasn't kissed me yet! What should I do?

I've been kinda dating this guy recently and we've been on two dates already and are going on our 3rd this weekend. He STILL has not kissed me. I don't know if I'm being too irrational but we don't kiss by the 3rd date, should I just move on? Cause I really can't take this no kiss yet and it's making me feel like there's something wrong with me.


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  • OMG yes, you should totally move on! I mean wow, 2 dates, and still no kiss?! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH HIM, right?! It doesn't matter if he's just trying to take things slow, or if he's super nervous, or... maybe I dunno, just MAYBE, HE'S NEVER KISSED ANYONE BEFORE! What, you find that hard to believe? Well here I am, 23 years old, telling you I've yet to receive my first kiss. So before you start deciding whether or not you should leave him just because he hasn't kissed you yet, here's a thinker: why don't YOU kiss HIM? OH! OH wait, guys are always supposed to make the first move, right? Sorry princess, it's past midnight, and your pumpkin is no longer a carriage. Time to wake up and step into the real world.

    That aside, yeah... I think you should leave him. This guy doesn't deserve you. >__> I wouldn't be so mad about this, if most girls weren't like you're being right now.

    • LIKE OMG did you ever think that maybe I'm just too scared to make the first move? OMGZ.

      I'm well aware that it's past midnight and my pumpkin is no a longer a carriage... nor do I believe I live in a fantasy world.

      Just a simple question... no need to get all hyped up and defensive.

      Every single guy I've met has made the first move on me before so excuse me for thinking that there was something wrong.

    • Nah, it wasn't just a simple question. You brought out a lot of things that were worth mentioning. The fact that you think he should have kissed you already, when it hasn't even been 3 dates yet. The fact that you would rather leave him, instead of kissing him first. The fact that you think that just because he hasn't kissed you, it could mean there's something wrong with you. Especially when every single guy you've been has made the first move. You should be a bit more open-minded.

    • Well for me, I am being open-minded. I'm clearly interested if I've went on a couple dates and I'm seeing him again this weekend. I've been talking to him almost everyday since I met him and that was like the end of may/beginning of june. Like how much time is needed?! It's not like I just met him. And I don't know if I feel like wasting my time if it's not gonna happen, cause there are other guys around that want to date me but dating several guys at once is not my thing.

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  • Oh honey that's awful, if only there was something you could do, such as kiss him! :(


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  • I can second what Thiezz has said there. Stop bitching and do something about it!