26 and never dated...

All of the girls I know are surprised when they find out that I have never dated. My co-workers (mind you are all female except for 3 out of 30 in the office) are shocked when I tell them that I consider myself a social outcast. But, for the longest time I was a loner. I am almost sure that is not the case anymore since I have been working on my self-esteem and now feel quite confident in many more areas of my life. I'm quite proud of this and people have even mentioned to me that they see a change.

But, my problem is that I don't know anybody my own age and honestly have no idea where to begin looking. There are no bars/clubs in the area (not that I would want a woman I met at a bar). Mainly, the issue is that I live at home with my parents (5 years since I graduated from college) and this area has nobody my age (closest would be 5 years younger - already dating or at minimum 4 years older - already married). Other than those two individuals, I never run into woman my age. And trust me I've looked (joined a gym, walks in parks, tried hanging out at the town center, etc. ) I would move to another area, but cannot afford to do so at this stage in my career. I hate to admit it, but I am quite lonely. What should I do? Any and all advice/suggestions appreciated...


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  • im not really that shocked actually wondering if your someone I know ha ha jk are you ;)

    can you try online dating? Also can you go to some places you really enjoy or some kind of event you like you might be able to meet a nice girl there.

    • Damn... I guess I put too much info... Makes me wonder how many people are in my situation. :). From what I've read online, more than not..

      As for online dating, I haven't found anybody I would consider dating... The few I messaged never respond. As for events... I'm not exactly sure that we have those around here, lol...

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    • Possibly... But then if your guy is in fact in this situation then possibly it might be taken in a positive way... Hard choice, I know! :)

    • you are sounding more and more like this dude I know hahaha

      But what I have told him and will tell you is just relax you think and worry about everything you just need to go with the flow :)

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