She give me mixed signals, why?

I had a date this Friday with a lovely and beautiful girl. It's not our first date together. I don't remember how many but it's more than five.

When we are on a date, we hugs, kisses, holding hands, cuddling. No sex. When we are holding each other, it's like she doesn't want to let go of me, when I need to go the bathroom or the kitchen.

She gives me nicknames like teddy bear. She said I'm the best thing happened to her.

But the problem is that next day it's like I don't exist. It can take almost 24 hours replay my messages. She doesn't say much. She can't even say hugs and kisses, she only say hugs.
I'm the one who initiate kisses and writing to her.

But the best conplimang she gives me, is that I feel like home and she feel save with me.

I don't know what she want with me.
She is interested
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She is playing
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She is insecure
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She is not interested
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She give me mixed signals, why?
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