Why is my insecure boyfriend making me insecure?

So my boyfriend used to cheat on me by flirting with girls. He messed with my head, telling me I can't talk to other guys, no matter if flirting or not, none. He told me to delete all my guy friends but the went behind my back several times to add girls.

I confronted him and he started making excuses about us arguing causing him to look at other girls and add them to talk to them about us and get some advice.

Recently, he asked me why I need to buy my guy cousins gifts for Christmas, if I am close to them, if I talk to them a lot. I got annoyed and decide to buy them nothing. Because he guilt trips me by saying,"So you are close to them. Okay. I didn't know that. That's new. How come you never told me this?"

But when we bought a two bed one bedroom hotel while traveling, he takes off his pants showing his underpant in front of my female cousin. No decency at all... Who in the hell would take off their shirt and pants in front of their significant lover's cousin? It made me uncomfortable. I got kinda angry at him for having no respect at all that I'm his girlfriend. Because I'm damn embarrassed to be his girlfriend. My cousin probably felt awkward and uncomfortable too.

Would he like it too if I took off my shirt and pants showing only my bra and undies in front of his guy cousins? Yeah, maybe I am insecure because he gets too friendly with my female cousin to the point where she talks to him as a friend already when they only met for hours. My brother who came along on the trip told me I need to step up my game or my boyfriend will cheat on me with my female cousin when she already has a boyfriend.

My boyfriend always get too friendly when there is another female presence. When it's just me, he looks at other women, watch them walk by, stare at their butts and then make them laugh in front of me.

I want to leave but I love him. There are times I want to cry because I feel like it's so unfair. Nothing ever goes my way when it comes to love.

Why is my insecure boyfriend making me insecure?
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