She smashed the Homie?

So I've recently been dating this younger girl ( she's 18 I'm 25)... she doesn't act immature and she doesn't look 18 , she goes to school at night and has a full time job in the day time, anyways, I recently found out from a another guy I know, were not bestfriends were just kool , when she was 16 he dated her and he was her first , I like her and was falling for her but now I don't know if I wanna be with her she was truthful about it at least . Odd thing is me and him look alike , we have the same hair style were the same height and we do the same things ... what should I do, ...he dated her when she was underage , something I wouldn't dare to ever do .


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  • After reading your question title I thought you were going to say that she had sex with your friend while you two were dating. But you're really judging her for sleeping with a guy that was her boyfriend when she was 16? Some guy that you're not even best friends with? lol

    I don't understand this preoccupation with a woman's sexual past. I'm sure you're not a virgin. Would you be upset if she quit seeing you simply because you had sex with a girl she knows like 5 years ago? Or, maybe you're just dating a girl so young in the first place because you were hoping to get a virgin/inexperienced girl because of some insecurities.

    In my opinion, I'd get over it. You like her, she's been a sweet girl, it looks like she works hard and is smart. Are you really gonna get so upset because she had a boyfriend she chose to have sex with 2 years before she even knew you existed? I really don't see what the problem is unless you're a virgin. If you're not, you're just being a hypocrite.

  • i really don't understand what you mean. but you can't judge someone from their past. its the past for a reason. so if you really like her and wanna be with her, then be with her.

    and about you and him looking alike. she must like guys who look and dress and stuff like you. nothing wrong with that. if I were you, I would have more of a problem with it is she dated gangsters, then someone who was a nerd, and then some average guy. that would tell you that she gets around and doesn't care about who she dates.

    if she was truthful to you about the whole thing she she probably wants to be with you. let it go and move on. you're dating her for a reason. so just keep dating her.

    goood luck!


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