Why did he treat me poorly and treat other girls better?

This is a vulnerable question. I was in a domestic violence situation about half a year ago and I'm still healing from it. Lately, memories have come back a little more than usual... I suffer from PTSD. I'm in counseling.

My ex treated me horribly and like I never mattered. He bullied me to the max. He strung me along for awhile and made me fall deeply. He would boast about his ex and other girls he dated and how wonderful they were. He would tell me that I would never compare and my body wasn't proprtionate enough like he is use to. I'm a size 10 and petite and I saw pictures of him with plus size girls, so he has dated bigger girls. It hurted me that he would say that I wasn't good enough. In fact, he friendzoned me because for one I'm saving myself until marriage and he didn't want that and two he said I could never compare to his ex. When we would go out, he would flirt with girls in front of me and tell me how beautiful they were while he would tell me that I was ugly and fat.

He treated every girl nice, but me. Even posted his exes and female friends on social media. He never did that with me. What was wrong with me?

I was the sweetest girl to him, did everything for him and was loyal and it still hurts to feel like I didn't matter... he almost killed me, while other girls got royalty treatment.

I walked away and I still get mad with all he did. I treated this leech like a king when he didn't deserve it. I regret ever meeting him. I've been through other traumatic things, but this is the worst I've ever been treated. It's hard to forget and forgive... I trying tho for myself. He broke me 💔

Thanks for reading :-) I really appreciate your feedback <3
Why did he treat me poorly and treat other girls better?
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