Arabs, your point of view? Arab man black woman dating/relationship...?

I'm an African American woman and I've been dating this Arab guy from Kuwait. I can definitely seeing us having something serious, so I was just wondering how an interracial relationship between an Arab man and a black woman is viewed culturally and by the Arab family. Based on some Arab friends I've had, I know that their parents don't like them to date interracially and it's important for them to continue practicing Islam in the family they create. I even know some Arabs who will have arranged marriages. I would think that with him have being raised in Kuwait his entire life could possibly make this more of an issue depending on the culture there. He was born and raised in Kuwait, then came to America for college when he was seventeen. I don't know how his parents would feel about him dating a black girl. I've heard of some Arab men dating black women, but not marrying them or taking them home to meet their parents. Is that usually true?

So could you please share any knowledge you have about this? I would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance!


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  • I am a black American married to an Arab he is born and raised in Kuwait and of course when he first told his parents he wanted to marry a Black Christian that had been married before with Children the said no! But he continued to ask permission to he received it. I did not convert and my children I had before marriage live with us and spends summers with Teta(grandma). We have been married 10years and yes sometimes in the beginning it was a hard change in culture but never a black/Arab thing. A true practicing Arab does not judge your skin color because Islam does not see color and a great majority of Arabs are from the continent of Africa, such as Marooca, Libya, Sudan,Egypt Tunus, and the other countries in the Middle east that have black Arabs are UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Baharian, Kuwait to name a few. My husband was not trying to get the passport his family is already wealthy and did not need it and so it did not submit application for it. I would caution you though that if he really wants to marry you are is taking the relationship seriously, he would not be dating you, he would have already stated his intentions and asked his parents because dating is not allowed and if an Arab man is serious he would not keep you in this status nor introduce you to his friends as the would see you as a Shamouta meaning whore. This is just the culture don't let him play games. For thoses reading, yes we have children, one set of twins and two boys make 4. Humdillia.

    • Don't tell me you've already converted to a Muslim because of your marriage to Kuwaity guy, if though, that sucks!

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    • Your comment is crazy "Jordanian!" whenever an American women converts to Islam regardless of the reason that's exactly what they think but to your face, Oh masha Allah pst. Note that she isn't married. I am an African American married to a Jordanian for 12+ years now with kids, and I converted Alhamdulillah... not because of him "Jordanian" as a matter of fact he isn't a practicing Muslim as I've notice that many Arabs are Muslims by name but know nothing about Islam. My advice to you is make sure you guys are on the same page when it comes to career, raising kids etc because he may be all nice now but he may want you to be an Arab woman later quite frankly. It can work, depending on him and his family. Can you live with his family's comment on you kids color, hair texture etc? Their idea of beauty is blue eyes and blonde hair and from my experience yes they do look down on blacks. Islam teaches against racism but many Arabs are. Don't ignore red flags, don't be infatuated or fooled.

    • @Dsouthcity I'm a Kuwaiti Muslim & I have to agree!

      Oh & @Asker I'm Kuwaiti and I'm half black, half white. My dad's side of the family are black. Arabs can be black.

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  • yoou have to know that in arab countries there are many black peapol, there is no racisme in islam, but few families like to keep there blod line pure so they do not merry other races

  • Ultimately depends on how conservative his family is. Worst case scenario, they might require you to convert (or pretend).


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  • I am an Arab girl and I never saw that kind of relationship before. However, since he is Kuwaiti his family might be a little open minded unlike other arab countries. In the arab culture the family plays a really big role in the marriage they might pressure him to marry a second wife which is normal there. So I think if he really loves you and treasure you the family should not be a problem. Also, his family might be really nice and they might be the best in-laws in the world you just never know. Wishing you best of luck.

  • Don't concern yourself with how your relationship is viewed. Just work on your relationship with him and be the kind of woman who he'd want to marry if the feeling is mutual. There are black women who have married arab men. I know a few but even if there were none, pave the path for yourself.

  • Good its mater of love and not where you come from

  • I'm an African American female and I am married to and Egyptian man. After almost 8 months of dating we got married in Islam and we have been together going on 3 years in March! We're also expecting our first child and I can truly say we don't think twice about our difference in race or religion. At first his mother did not approve of me but that rest of his family including his father, uncles and grandma, even his family back home loved me from the beginning. Now that we're married his mom approves of our relationship. When our daughter is born she will be Muslim which I agree to because I do believe the child follows after whoever the father is! Our relationship is amazing we understand each other so well. We get a lot of stares but the majority of people always amok and say how we look so cute together. Others admire our relationship and we have never faced hatred from Arabs nor Blacks. They accept our relationship and I love it!

    • I'm dating a guy from Egypt. I'm a African American and a Christian. All I can say is he loves me, I love him. His mom loves me which is in Egypt and can't speak any English. He tells everyone how much he adores me. Marriage of course two weddings, America and Egypt. And he doesn't care if our future kids be Christian. I get what I want. He's my King!!! I really adore him more. I'm feeling up with joy just by telling you all about us.

  • well, if his family is open minded they won't really mind, because you see specially in kuwait there are many black people (whom you may call African Arabs) because just like in your case their fathers came from africa and settled in the gulf area for years.

    Kuwaiti people however in general are kinda lose and open minded (u can check one of the Kuwaiti series to see how they dress nd an over view on their lives -but remember after all it's just a TV series).

    and if this guy is really serious with you, and you went bak and met his family I believe they will be nice to you...arabs are not retarded or anything...and arranged marriages are now left for people who reached 40 and did find true love...( prophet Mohammed married a christian woman and he didn't ask her to convert, so don't worry about this, you can judge later, maybe, just maybe you will find islam a good thing)

    And my Uncle married a white American and they've been married for a long time now (I personally don't know if she converted or not) but no body of our family asked her to do it...we treat her like any other member of the family.

    But after all make sure he is a good man...if you have further questions let me know :)

  • as a kuwaiti girl I would have to marry a kuwaiti in order to take some guys family name and I would get arranged and marry the best possible

    a guy can marry whoever as long as she's muslim and she respects the family

    my uncle has 3 wifes each from another country and the rest of the family respects them but you still hear comments about them occasionally

    im just like that guy I moved when I was 17 and now I'm in ireland :p I bet he's sponsored

    this is how it is in my kuwaiti family

    my mum would prefer if she was white my dad wouldn't mind

    every family differs from another but generally most don't date, most marry kuwaitis, most get arranged, most prefer muslims, most prefer white (there are black kuwaitis.. actually 2 of my brothers are black and I'm white..its a genes thing both my parents are white..wierd I know) and because most are like that he might not take you to meet his parents

    there are the some who are okay with anything but its usually not the best most known rich family names (im not sure of this but I believe so)

    we are a family of 8 (including me)

    5 of us wouldn't mind at all having someone like you in the family

    3 would take time to accept it

    again every family differs from the other you have to ask him about it if you really wanna know .. for some reason I don't trust arab men anyway..

    if you have any questions just ask me I don't know if I missed out anything

    and your colour doesn't really matter the problem here is will his family accept you or take time to.. or will he never take you to his parents because he isn't allowed to date (they wouldn't do much if they found out.. its bad if a kuwaiti girl was dating she'll be in trouble)

    good luck anyway xx

    • I have 1 more thing to add .. I'm on the same scholarship thing and I found out that if they find out you got married to someone from the country your studying at, the scholarship would cancel

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    • the scholarship program is organized by the kuwaiti government I was send to ireland ..

      the reason they cancel it is cause they send you off to study with that money not to get married .. however if you do marry a kuwaiti girl she instantly get a scholarship too

    • sounds like subliminal prejudice to me.

  • Not trying to be the bearer of bad news, but he probably won't marry you. Arabs look down on blacks, especially African Americans, and culturally you are seen as beneath him. Most Arabs consider black women to be whores so unless this guy is culturally different he will most likely play around with you but not take you seriously and will probably not bring you home to meet his family. Sorry to be so harsh but I'm telling you what I have heard.

  • They really don't care, since there is a lot of dark people in the middle east, but they don't see them that way...they see them as the same :) Seriously, my father came to this country 21 years ago and said it was HERE that he realized how much emphasis this culture places on ethnicity. Don't worry about it :)

  • Just want to tell you something.

    Arab people are not raciest. most of them don't care about colour,they care about morals,manners and religion.

    dating is not acceptable there,sleeping before getting married is a no no,they believe in marriage.

    If you respected his family and culture then they will have no problem with you.

    Arab don't refuse darker skin or even ugly people.

    The important things in a woman there:

    she should be:

    1- A virgin

    2- muslim

    3-know how to act like a woman,cook and stuff.

    4-Respectfull "RespectS The family"


    But why don't you ask him about his culture?

    Im sure he will answer you.

    It is really tough hope it works for you.

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    • I'm not Muslim :/ I would refuse to convert my religion and adopt views I don't believe in just to be with someone. it's just a belief!

    • I'm glad that you said most of them.. I would like to say Many of them are racist and pretend to not be.'( I wish they wasn't tho) I'm really sorry but that's my truth from experience. I've seen Arabs look down on other Arabs especially the female because they are a little darker. In many of the Arab countries you will find many of the African Arabs living in a designated city. (why is that?) Why is it that many honest hardworking African American males and females who convert to Islam isn't good enough to marry your daughter, sisters or sons? Question to you, is being a virgin more important than being a Muslim? Honestly, and sadly they haven't gotten there yet... I've realized that is a taboo subject for the Arabs. Are these habits the way of the prophet (SWT)? They will deny it till they day the die. But Allah knows what's in the heart. I believe that this new generation with American influence may not be as prejudice hopefully they don't get poisoned. I apologize just being honest.