Why did he changed his mind about meeting me?

I met someone online a couple of weeks ago. He is very open, articulate, and *seems* to be a very honest person. Our first conversation lasted two days. It wasn’t sexual at all - just discussions about common interests, who we are as people, and intellectual musings. A few days ago he said that he quit is job and is moving out of state and was very sorry things probably wouldn’t work out (I knew he was unhappy and thinking of this, so it wasn’t a surprise). He had already asked me out and we had planned to meet up (and he’d already suggested a potential “outing” date if things went well). I told him I guess it wouldn’t be worth putting any more energy into it, but then I had a change of heart and said we could still meet up if he just wanted someone to listen about the transition he’s going through. At the time he said he would think about it. I assumed that meant I’d never hear from him again, but he texted today and asked if we were still on for tomorrow. I don’t expect anything to come of it but do have two questions for future reference: 1) do some guys just want someone to talk to? He’s not getting anything physical out of the transaction, so I assume this is the case. And 2) if things had worked out, I imagine the distance between us would be 2 to 2.5 hrs. To most women, I think, this is nothing, so why is it such a big deal for men? Thanks for your thoughts!
Why did he changed his mind about meeting me?
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