Why do women go after bad men?

This one is really annoying. It’s on of those behavioral tendencies that I have a difficult time understanding, as girls who do this often contradict themselves a lot. I’ll find a girl who is nice, polite and overall respectable, but when it comes to their dating preferences, they always lean towards cruel, cold guys that are often jerks to just about everybody. This one girl in particular was very strange; all her guy friends are super nice and everything, but when I knew her she was with this mean guy, and when she “broke up” with him she complained afterwards to me “are all guys dicks”, and I said that only the ones she’s been wanting are. Anyways a week or two later, prom comes up and she goes out with this guy who thinks of her like an object. I know this because all he ever talks about is wanting to fuck as many girls as he can. Unsurprisingly, prom night doesn’t go well for her, as apparently he lost interest in her and ignored her for the rest of the night in favor of some “hotter” girl. At this point I don’t feel sorry for her, she keeps picking the wrong guys while all the good ones are standing around with their jaws wide open. Why is this? I know she isn’t the only one, but why are so many girls like this?
Why do women go after bad men?
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