Online dating...are girls really that picky?

So I've been single for a year, I've been doing some dating but haven't found someone who's into me yet. I've been trying online dating because my job really doesn't put me in touch with many females (I'm a computer programmer) and most of my friends are married so they don't go out anymore.

Anyway one thing that bugs me is that I hear this from friends and girls I date:

"You're a handsome guy"

"You're really attractive"

"Looks and resume you're a 10"

So I get all this from friends and girls but I feel like I can't even get my foot in the door online, like I write to someone online and never get a response back. And I'm not just writing to everyone I see, I always read someone's profile and if they sound like we'd click, then I write... but yeah, no response.

Or maybe online dating is just like that? Are girls always this picky in person or is it just an online thing? I should probably find more ways of being out and about so I can test this, hahaha...
Online dating...are girls really that picky?
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